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Latest info on Layoffs

The economic slump that is shaking the whole world is deeper and affecting more industries than expected. Every industry is slashing jobs as cost cutting measures and yesterday is the worst day for labours. Nearly 70,000 jobs have been slashed yesterday.
The construction equipment giant caterpillar announced on Monday that it is cutting 20,000 microsoft_logojobs as a result of plunging sales amid sharp economic slowdown. The software industry too seems to be feeling the heat as Microsoft has decided to slash 5,000 jobs in the next 18 months. Yahoo too has decided to freeze appraisals for its employees.

Pfizer buys rival Wyeth

Pfizer has decided to buyout rival drug maker Wyeth in a 68 billion cash and stock deal. This would enhance Pfizer’s position as no.1 in the pharmaceutical industry. This may seem to have solidified Pfizer’s position in the industry but they too have not been able to escape global economic meltdown. They have decided to slash more 2007-10-18t111718z_01_nootr_rtridsp_2_business-pfizer-results-dcthan 8,000 jobs as cost cutting measures.
The newyork based company also has decided to reduce the number of manufacturing sites. No industry has escaped global economic meltdown and the pharmacy industry is no different. But the greed of some companies seems endless and Pfizer is no different. It is one of numerous company which slashes job as cost cutting measure but also go on acquiring other companies.

Joker’s history

Heath Ledger, who played the joker in Batman did not live to see his portrayal feted. An Australian by birth, this actor was born on April 4th 1979 in Perth.Ledger loved playing chess and he won western Australia’s junior chess championship at the age of 10.He sat for his graduation exams at the age of 16 and left school to pursue an acting career. He is known for his role in ‘The Patriot’,’ The Four Feathers’, ‘A Knight’s Tales’ and won an award for his role in The Patriot. He also won awards his role in ‘Broke back Mountain’. More than a star Heath Ledger was on his way to becoming an

The legendery ledger

The legendery ledger

acclaimed actor for his role as the Joker, Ledger slipped into the character of the role by living in a hotel alone and recording in a diary, the way the Joker would behave. For him ,the Joker was a living, breathing character. The actor was having trouble sleeping and was taking quite a few medications for this. He died of what was later termed as “abuse of prescription medications”, on Jan 22 2008.It was a sudden end to a very talented actor and the Joker is seen as one of his best performances.

Tomorrow the world will see the first afro-american president of United States. He is going to begin with huge people support and is seen as a “fairy” who could change all the problems like Iraq, Afganistan and Recession with a magic wand. Is that so easy? Only time will tell.
Obama have already declared Iraq and Economy as his top agenda. The first and foremost problem, ie Iraq has already depleted the global image of USA. The war which began as a response to Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction in 2001 has now turned into a civil war and the hatred among Iraqis is reflected by recent shoe gate incident.
The next problem is not only America’s problem but also a global one. Everyone from US to Korea are feeling the pinch in one

Smoking Joe

Smoking Joe

way or other and the unemployment rate is at all time high. I personally feel even Obama will not be able to negotiate economic slowdown but can suppress the phenomenon by taking some path braking reforms that revived America from its previous recession in 1930.

Satyam Aftershocks

When news about “satyam fraud” broke out, we could see immediately view the damage it has caused. It’s a huge blow to corporate India and particularly IT sector. Doubts were raised about other IT majors but it seems to have subsided a little bit after infosys reported their Q3 results. But, in long term perspective satyam would be viewed as the fiasco which showed major holes in the Indian corporate governance.
Now that Mr. Raju in jail, the government has taken some strong measures. New board members have been announced and they are taking every step to solve the liquidity crisis.

satyam employees disgusted

satyam employees disgusted

The government has declined a bailout and that is bad news for 53k employees. And finally government must look into some 6k freshers who have been waiting from may that they would join satyam someday.

LTTE and India

Liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam are waging a prolonged civil war in Sri Lanka. These are tough times for the so-called freedom fighters of ethnic Tamils and they are being defeated at every stage and now confined to a very small jungle, as per reports.lttenewsimage2
Like in many other cases, India seems to be divided in this issue too… One section of people is of opinion that the ethnic Tamils are our own brothers and we should help them in each and every way to get them freedom. These are the ideas garnered by some politicians of tamilnadu and have been carrying an agitation day in and day out. Another section is of more conservative opinion and are arguing that Sri Lanka is a sovereign country and its not good to meddle with their internal affairs.
And this is my personal opinion on this issue. We should not meddle with other countries problem because it would equate this problem to Pakistan-Kashmir problem. And finally to the politicians of tamil nadu, it’s hurting to see your agitation supporting the freedom of Tamils in other country when your own people who voted you to power are suffering from various miseries like unemployment,electricity blackout etc. And finally iam a tamilian too.