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Is he the best...cerntainly not!

Is he the best...cerntainly not!

Bollywood-The Indian media chants this word as if it is a mantra (prayer).The media’s day starts and end with bollywood. The paparazzi are more obsessed with bollywood than a common man. When I queried myself why this fuss is all about the Hindi cinema industry, I found out the media can’t survive without them and vice versa .The media has propagated bollywood films are the only films made in India but in truth it is not so. Apart from the gloss and the glamour, Hindi cinema is nothing. Better films were being made in Indian cinema but they are dismissed as regional cinema. Let me analyze bollywood and the so called regional cinema.
CASE 1: Let me start from the most recent case, The Mumbai terror attack. After the dreadful attack, I was happy that the Indian (Hindi) news channels are wholeheartedly involved in covering the massacre rather than running behind the khans and big B asking them for their “exclusive” comments. But alas!! the situation changed within one week and now the media are interviewing the film stars about the attacks. Ok! I thought, because after all they are doing this to improve their ratings. But since now all the film stars interviewed are from bollywood and no one from the southern film industry…May be because most of the channels are “hinglish” channels and they don’t care about others.
CASE 2: The best actor in India is Aamir khan (!!).Many may not believe this but the media are saying like this only. It is true that he made good films like lagan, Rang de basanti, Taare Zammen par. But is this enough to call him the best…Certainly NOT! After all he has not even won a national award. Compare him with other legends like Kamal Haasan, mohanlal, Sivaji…he stands nowhere. It is hard to believe the legends who I had listed are thespians of Indian cinema, but they are hardly known outside their states.
CASE 3: Next comes the quality of films. As I had mentioned earlier bollywood is all about gloss and glamour. Very few films are watchable in Hindi cinema. But inspite of all this mostly (only) Hindi films are only sent to Oscars. Could you believe it, while films like “paheli” and “eklavya” are nominated for Oscars, “kannatil muthamittal”, a film based on srilanka Tamils has been overlooked. Films like “Anbe Sivam”, one of the best films made in India is not even considered…shit on selection comitee.
My comments might have hurt fellow Indians but this is the truth. Our biased news channels should spend more time on providing news rather than giving useless gossips about Rakhi Sawant(Yuck!).It is better that the media overcomes the bollywood hangover and concentrate on giving equal importance to everyone…


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