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anti-islam-7349909 Muslim people were refused to continue their travel in the Air Tran Airways from midway as one of them were alleged of discussing about issues that were a threat to security of fellow travellers. One among the Muslim family was discussing about the safest place in the plane to sit. This conversation was misunderstood by the neighbor travellers and was escalated to the pilot. Later those Muslim members were kicked off from the plane in the midway and were interrogated by the FBI agents for the conversation they had in the plane As a result of the FBI interview, they were proved of no fault. It was just a misunderstanding which had caused a serious issue this way.

Though the Airways justify that they have acted like this to ensure complete security to their customers, it’s a bitter fact that these Muslim people were racially discriminated from the other travellers. Because they had a traditional look with beards and religious dresses, they were forced to undergo the unnecessary interview by the FBI agents. I feel this act of Air Tran is definitely condemnable. The Air Tran now apologizes for the inconvenience caused by them to the Muslim family. Though the airways are now ready to compensate for their travel expenses, the Muslim family is not ready to accept the explanation. Its high time that the Airways should review its policies and stop causing irrelevant disputes in the name of security. A mountain was made out of the mole!!


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That fateful day

That fateful day

The biggest problem for India’s national unity and integrity in the twentieth century has no doubt been what Indians call ‘Communalism’, the political conflict between the religions, especially between Hindus and Muslims. The most conspicuous communal bone of contention in India in the years 1986-1990 has certainly been the Ram Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid issue. The material object of the controversy is quite small: an unimpressive mosque-structure on a hilltop in Ayodhya, the town traditionally considered as the birth place of the protohistorical hero Ram. This architecturally rather uninteresting building is known as the Babri Majid, Babar’s mosque. As such, it has been named after Babar, the first Moghul emperor, implying it was built on his orders, or in honor, in 1528.

Many Hindus believe that Ram was born on the very spot where Babar’s mosque is standing. Therefore they call it Ram Janamabhoomi, Ram’s birth-ground. They also believe that Babar’s men built the mosque after demolishing a temple which was standing on the same spot in commemoration of Ram. Some Hindu organizations want to rebuild this temple, which implies removing the present structure. The Hindus have already taken control of the building in 1949, when the mosque was not in regular use any more. They installed idols and converted the mosque into a temple.

By orders of the government, however, the worshippers could only after puja from outside. In 1986, a judge ruled that the temple be opened for unrestrained Hindu worship. Subsequently, the Vishwa Hindu Parihad started a nationwide campaign for the replacement of the existing mosque-turned temple with a proper temple structure.

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The only thing which is common among the residents (if not all) of this world is Religion. Every man or woman believes there is a superior power which is the reason the world is revolving without any major concerns. The people gave different names to the religion they are following. They put up a set of rules and regulations which should be followed by a person so that he could become a practitioner of that religion. Even though all the religions seems to have same ideologies, the people are in denial mode and in the way to prove they are superior they have taken the most serious weapon that none of the religion proposed…Terror.

                         The main reason to put up this blog is that we (Indians) are in the aftermath of the deadliest terror attack in our history. Every one knows what has happened in Mumbai in the name of religion. The so called saviors of Islam (!!!) have done more bad than good. This is not the first time they are doing like this. I don’t know how they are brain-washed to do this heinous act. Religion is a part of life, but it is not greater than life. They might have achieved their goal of terrorizing the people, but in reality they have degraded their religion. No wonder the whole world is seeing Muslims suspiciously.

                        I am not against any religion, infact I am opposing all the religion. Even Hindus have extremist groups. And also many European countries are practicing slavery which is not proposed by Christianity. Most of the conflicts around the world is due to religion…India-Pakistan partition is due to religion. We should not allow religion to dominate us…never.

                        Finally, if we could get out of our mindset about religion and if we could disown our religious identity we would be served better.We have to take the leaf out of the animal kingdom,so that we could save ourselves from being called animals…      



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