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Liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam are waging a prolonged civil war in Sri Lanka. These are tough times for the so-called freedom fighters of ethnic Tamils and they are being defeated at every stage and now confined to a very small jungle, as per reports.lttenewsimage2
Like in many other cases, India seems to be divided in this issue too… One section of people is of opinion that the ethnic Tamils are our own brothers and we should help them in each and every way to get them freedom. These are the ideas garnered by some politicians of tamilnadu and have been carrying an agitation day in and day out. Another section is of more conservative opinion and are arguing that Sri Lanka is a sovereign country and its not good to meddle with their internal affairs.
And this is my personal opinion on this issue. We should not meddle with other countries problem because it would equate this problem to Pakistan-Kashmir problem. And finally to the politicians of tamil nadu, it’s hurting to see your agitation supporting the freedom of Tamils in other country when your own people who voted you to power are suffering from various miseries like unemployment,electricity blackout etc. And finally iam a tamilian too.


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