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On a balmy July night in 1924, a hunter called Fred Beck shot a “Mountain Devil”. He went back to his hut and told his friends what he had done but they merely laughed at him. In the middle of the night, something attacked their hut…
This is supposed to be the first recorded sighting of the Bigfoot- an ape like creature which supposedly lives in the mountain wilds of America. Since this incident there have been thousands of sightings. Most on the Pacific Coast

of North America, but some in Wisconsin, Idaho and even Texas. Most are hoaxes, but the world was provided with what seemed like clinching evidence of Bigfoot’s existence.
At 1 o’clock on an October afternoon in 1967, Roger Patterson, a keen Bigfoot spotter, and his friend Bob Gimlin encountered a female Bigfoot in Bluff Creek. Patterson was an amateur photographer. He pulled out his camcorder and filmed the Bigfoot walk off into the woods. Bob covered Roger with his gun.
They went to the spot where they found tracks. They took some plaster casts of the footprints. The footprints measured 37cm long.
The video (from which a still is shown above) sharply divided scientists and laypeople into believers and non-believers. The latter group gave solid evidence to prove the video a hoax. They were convinced that it was a human dressed up in a ‘costume,’ and argued that using the depth of the tracks in the footprints Patterson plastered, the height to weight ratio of the Bigfoot is very suspicious.
There are others who swear by the video. According to a walking expert (nice way to make a living!) the way the Bigfoot walked (in an ape like fashion) would have been nearly impossible in a heavy costume. Another leading Chiropodist (an expert on feet) says that the structure of the footprints is too accurate, even the bone structure is very accurate. If this was a hoax, “they would have to know more about feet than me!”
Anyway, public interest in the video and Bigfoot died down over the years. Yet on any given day, you will find scientists and thrill seekers camping out in the American and Canadian wilds for a glimpse of Bigfoot.


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