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Tomorrow the world will see the first afro-american president of United States. He is going to begin with huge people support and is seen as a “fairy” who could change all the problems like Iraq, Afganistan and Recession with a magic wand. Is that so easy? Only time will tell.
Obama have already declared Iraq and Economy as his top agenda. The first and foremost problem, ie Iraq has already depleted the global image of USA. The war which began as a response to Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction in 2001 has now turned into a civil war and the hatred among Iraqis is reflected by recent shoe gate incident.
The next problem is not only America’s problem but also a global one. Everyone from US to Korea are feeling the pinch in one

Smoking Joe

Smoking Joe

way or other and the unemployment rate is at all time high. I personally feel even Obama will not be able to negotiate economic slowdown but can suppress the phenomenon by taking some path braking reforms that revived America from its previous recession in 1930.


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